Welcome to World of Argan Oil.

World of Argan Oil is a website with information about Moroccan Argan oil.

I started this website because of my interest in Argan oil.

I got interested in Moroccan Argan oil when I first saw one of my colleagues (who is originally from the region of Morocco where Argan oil is produced) brought a bottle of this oil to work.

He sold Argan oil to two other colleagues who have a skin condition called Psoriasis and they told me that they had tried a lot of products before and nothing really helped.

Until, they started to use Argan oil and with this oil they saw improvement.

Many other colleagues also bought this oil from him.

So I thought to myself, why not?

So I also bought a bottle and soon discovered the benefits of this oil.

I used it on my face, hands and hair and loved using it (still do).

Every time when it was winter I got problems with dry hands and this often resulted in painful fissures in my hands and fingers who regularly bursted open and caused bleeding wounds.

Argan oil helped me a lot during this time.

After awhile I started to learn more about this oil from my moroccan colleague and also from well known websites and now I want to share this information with you.