The difference between cosmetic and culinary Argan oil

Argan oil is popular in two different worlds. The cosmetic world uses this oil as a powerful care product for skin, hair and nails, while the culinary world is stimulated by the deep nutty flavor and with its health benefits many people like to have a bottle of this culinary oil in their kitchen.

But What is the difference between cosmetic and culinary Argan oil?

Well, let me explain it to you in a minute.

But first:

What is Argan oil?

Argan oil is natural oil extracted from the seeds of the fruits that grow on the Argan tree (Argania spinosa).

The special composition of Argan oil which consists of unsaturated fats, sterols, vitamin E and omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids makes this oil a good product for both health and beauty purposes.

There is a hefty price tag on Argan oil compared to other oils, such as olive oil.

It's the rarity of this Moroccan oil that makes it more expensive than normal oils.

The oil is often called "liquid gold of Morocco" or "Moroccan miracle oil" and it's because the Argan trees that bear the fruit where the oil is extracted from (The oil is extracted from the seeds in the nut of the fruit), only grow in the southwest of Morocco.

This liquid gold of Morocco is one of the rarest oils in the world because the Argan trees only grow in a few places in the world.

The oil is used by the Moroccan Berber tribes in the kitchen, as medicine, and for cosmetic purposes for many years.

It's only recently that the wonders of this oil are also known in the West and other parts of the world.

There are two variants of this oil, cosmetic and culinary Argan Oil.

And now:

What is the difference between culinary and cosmetic Argan oil?

The difference between these two variants lies in the processing of the Argan nuts (how Argan oil is extracted from Argan nuts).

For producing Culinary Argan oil, the Argan nuts are being roasted first on an open fire and then grinded using a stone mill. This produces oil with a deep nutty flavor and scent.

For producing Cosmetic Argan oil, the Argan nuts are pressed (usually by machine) without being roasted, also called "cold pressed". This produces a very light oil without that deep nutty scent.

What are the uses of culinary and cosmetic Argan oil?

Cosmetic Argan oil

Cosmetic Argan Oil can be used as a care product for the whole body.

Culinary Argan oil

Culinary Argan Oil can be used for all kinds of dishes, like:

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