Where to buy Argan oil? & Things to consider before buying

Argan oil

You've learned about the benefits of Argan oil for your hair, skin and nails and now you are convinced and ready to buy a bottle of this amazing oil.


You don't know where to buy Argan oil.


Don't worry because I will give you a few recommendations.

But first:

5 things to consider before buying a bottle of Argan oil

Here are five things to consider before buying a bottle of Argan oil of a particular brand:

  1. The Ingredients: When you look at the label of the bottle it should only say “100% argan oil” or “100% argania spinosa kernel oil”. If anything else is listed then it's not pure and has mostly been over processed in some form.
  2. The Bottle: Argan oil should be stored in a dark colored glass bottle, because light breaks down Argan oil's best properties. The darker the bottle color, the better. Be very wary of Argan oil sold in clear and/or plastic bottles.
  3. The Price: It takes a significant numbers of hours to produce just a small batch of Argan oil, and therefore you should expect to pay a minimum of $25 for a 100 milliliter bottle. It's an extremely labor-intensive low-tech process, so there is no such thing as cheap Argan oil.
  4. The Smell: Moroccan produced cold-pressed organic Argan oil has a mild nutty scent. You should avoid anything with a strong smell and be equally suspicious of odorless oils, since these have almost certainly been heated during the production process.
  5. The Results: 100% pure Argan oil should be smooth and silky and should be quickly absorbed into your skin and hair in just a few minutes, it should not sting and it also should not leave any greasy or sticky residue. With real pure Argan oil you should start to feel the benefits for your skin and hair in a matter of days.

Where to buy Argan oil?

The place that I recommend for buying Argan oil is Skinception because they sell 100% pure Argan oil and because it is a very reliable online store. They even offer a 97 day money back guarantee. Click here to go directly to Skinception's Argan oil product page.

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